ProprietaryDry Aged Beef

Snake River Farms - American Wagyu Beef

As the only restaurant in Indiana, Ohio or Kentucky to dry age our steaks in house, we meticulously craft our hand selected steamed in out state of art dry aging coolers.

We start with the best cattle sourced from small local ranches to ensure the care and attention it takes to breed and raise exquisite beef.

We age the beef in our low temperature, low humidity dry gaining cased with 2000 lbs. of Himalayan salt block for 40 to 90 days, much longer than industry standard 14 days.

Here at Third and Main, our beef goes through a long and measured journey on the way to its arrival as one the best steak produced in the entire country.

SnakeRiver Farms

The finest in American Wagyu Beef

Snake River Farms American Wagyu cattle are raised along the high plains of the Snake River in Eastern Idaho. Managing the production process from to finish, our herd has developed into one of the most highly regarded groups of Wagyu-cross cattle in the world. Joining force with family-owned farms and ranches, our closed -loop lifestyle of local producers who focus on raising the finest livestock.

This ancient Wagyu breed is the foundation of Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef. Crossing bloodlines from our own herd of purebred Japanese Wagyu bulls with traditional, high-quality beef animals, we have found what we think is the “best of both worlds”. Snake River Farms is the perfect blend of the famous Wagyu buttery marbling and the robust beefy flavor.