Dine till sunset

The ambiance of a historic building dating back to 1893. We deliver an unbelievable dining experience that will keep you coming back.

Great atmosphere

"Great historic atmosphere and the original bar is definitely worth a look. You won't be disappointed. Service was great and if you are ever in the area its definitely worth a stop."

Satisfy the Appetite

We guarantee freshness and flavors that will excite your taste buds.

Domestic & Import Beers

Domestic Beer

$2.75 Budweiser

$2.75 Bud Light Lime

$2.75 Bud Light

$2.75 Miller Light

$2.75 Coors Light

$2.75 Michelob Ultra

$3.75 Blue Moon

$3.75 Sam Adams Boston Lager

$3.75 Stella Artois

$3.75 Heineken

$3.75 Guinness Black Lager

$3.75 Corona

$3.75 Dos Equis Amber

$4.00 Boddingtons Pub Ale

$2.75 Bud Select 55

$3.50 Angry Orchard

$3.50 Curious Traveler Shandy

$3.50 Red's Apple Ale

Rotating BeersĀ 

Limited Availability

$4.00 Rivertown Seasonal

$3.75 Sam Adams Oktoberfest

$4.00 Great Crescent Aurora Lager

$4.50 Abita Pecan Harvest

$5.00 Uni Broue Ephemere

$6.50 Left Handed Stout/Nitro


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